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Next Scheduled Event ... Saturday, 04/09--1230 p.m.-230 p.m.
@Lebanon High School courts,Lebanon

Scheduled Event ...Saturday, 04/09--1230 p.m.-230 p.m. at LHS
Scheduled Event ...Saturday, 04/09--1230 p.m.-230 p.m. at LHS



WCCTA is a non-profit tennis organization that is not aligned with any one group, club or facility. We simply exist to promote tennis to amateur players in the Middle Tennessee area. Our mission and goal is to increase opportunities for everyone to play by organizing events and programs throughout Wilson County.

The WCCTA is run strictly by volunteers and is led by a volunteer board of directors.

We encourage any member who wishes to parcipitate in the planning and organization of events to volunteer their time. If you wish to do so, attend the next event and give one of the organizers you contact information.

Remember, this is your community tennis association and can only survive with
the support of volunteers and the communities involvement.